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Pot plants for health

Pot plants inside your home don't just look good by adding life, colour and interest, they also have many health benefits for you. They - * reduce carbon dioxide levels * increase humidity * reduce airborne dust levels * reduce levels of certain pollutants such as benzene & nitrogen dioxide *keep out temperatures down. So don't be afraid to make your home a tropical paradise!    

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Old World Craftsmanship

'Perfectly imperfect' is a great way to describe the fabulous vintage wrought iron that has arrived from Egypt. Each panel is a one-of-a-kind piece of history that has been hand forged by a blacksmith up to 100 years ago. They show the Old World craftsmanship of the day when each piece was carefully banded and/or riveted together as seen in the photos.  

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Stylish Iron

Add uniqueness, style and character to your home with stunning vintage iron that was once used in fabulous homes in the Middle East. This sought after iron comes in many sizes and patterns. Keep as is in its authentic, rustic state or paint it to suit your colour scheme. Iron can be used as bedheads, wall art, gates, security doors, garden art and ...well anywhere around your home that needs a special point of difference!          

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Using rugs to define areas

Rugs are an important decorating tool. They add interest and warmth but above all, they help define different areas by anchoring the space. In an open plan arrangement, rugs are necessary to help clarify different spaces such as dining and seating areas. If you use rugs in the same open area, it's better to have them matching or complementing one another in style and colours for harmony. The size of the rug you use is also very important. You don't want them wall to wall, but rather a suitable size for your furniture and dining table. If they are too small they just look wrong and unbalanced.

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